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Car Sun Blinds

OK, car sun blinds are fairly cheap, and you can have a picture of ‘Winnie The Poo’ or your favourite football team on them, but apart from that, they haven’t really got that much going for them have they? Especially if you compare them to window tinting to address the same problems.

Now the reason most people buy car sun blinds is to protect their passengers in the back (usually young children) from the glare of the sun. Whilst to some degree they do this job reasonably well, there are some shortcomings. One of the other major factors that young children need protection from is the UV rays from the sun.

Our high quality window tinting films reduce harmful UV rays by around 99%, as well as reduce glare and reject solar energy (heat) by more than half in many cases.

There are lots of other benefits and advantages of window tinting against car sun blinds. Lets just make a comparison between the two

Car Sun Blinds

  • Cheap To Buy
  • Easy To Fit – In Most Cases
  • Looks Added On
  • Offers No UV Protection
  • No Heat Rejection
  • Leaves Marks On Glass
  • Doesnt Cover All Glass
  • Spoils The Look Of Your Car
  • Remove To Wind Windows Down

Window Tinting

  • Prices Start From £120
  • Needs Professional Installation
  • Looks Like A Factory Fit
  • Reduces UV By Up To 99%
  • Reduces Heat By Up To 60%
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Covers All Of Glass Area
  • Enhances Look Of Your Car
  • Windows Wind Down No Problem

If you want to protect your passengers from UV rays, heat and glare, and you’d also rather not have car sun blinds suction cups licked and stuck on the windows of your pride and joy, why not get an on-line quote for window tinting your car.



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Emily Morris
Emily Morris
Mercedes A-Class
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Can't Recommend Enough! Excellent Service​. Had my car rear windows tinted yesterday at ACE Car Care Shrewsbury with a limo 5% tint. I Will be returning for futher work very soon!
Liam Hawkins
Liam Hawkins
Land Rover Discovery
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Good Quote, Brilliant Over All Job On The Day​. Fantastic Job done by the team at Ace Car Care ! Not the first car I’ve brought in to have done and every time they’ve been great. can’t recommend the them enough 👍
Laura Plester
Laura Plester
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Fantastic Job Of My Back Window Tints​. Would highly reccomend and will be using again in the future. They were really helpful from the start explaining the different shades and grades of tint. Really friendly. Thank you. A***

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