Limo Black Tint

Why Car Owners Love Limo Black Window Tints

Limo Black Tint (as the name suggests) is the darkest of the range of tints we stock here at Ace Car Window Tinting, with the most striking and noticeable looks.

It has many benefits, but some of those benefits can also result in some drawbacks, or at least other features you should consider before selecting this shade of window tinting film.

Limo Black 5% Tint Examples

Limo Black Tint - Lets In Only 5% Light

Benefits Of Limo Window Tint

Drawbacks Of Dark Smoke Tint

The Limo Black Tint film has a few drawbacks, but if it is privacy or security you are after, then it’s an obvious choice.

See Example Of Limo Black Tint Before & After Tints Done

Technical Spec Of Limo Black Window Tint Film

Things To Think About When Considering If A Limo Black Tint Is Right For YOU!

When you are deciding on which window tint film to have installed in your vehicle, there are a few things you should consider.

The colour of the vehicle’s interior will have an impact on your choice of window film, as the lighter the interior, the more light will bounce around inside reducing how dark the tint appears.

Also the external colour affects the look, and a lighter body colour will have a greater contrast to the tint colour, sometimes making it look slightly darker

How important visibility into the vehicle versus visibility out of the vehicle is.

The backup and warranty you require for peace of mind for the future is also something to consider, with our range of tint & warranty grades.

If you want any further help or advice with any of these questions, we’d be delighted to help you.

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Light Smoke (5%) Window Tints Examples

Light Smoke 5%

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