Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions

A purpose made window tint film is fitted to the inside of the pane of glass. Each pane of glass has a film individually cut to size, shrunk to take out any excess material (due to the curve of the glass), and is fitted on the interior face of the pane of glass using a water based fitting solution The solution is then pushed out with specialist fitting tools.


Each model of vehicle has a different number of panes of glass, and level of complexity to cut, shrink and fit the film. Most small 3 door cars can be completed in 1/2 day, whereas a larger 4×4 or MPVs could take up to 1 full day.


Although not as ‘hard as glass’ as the saying goes, the film is purpose made and very durable, but it will get marked more easily than glass. Care should be taken cleaning the film, and no harsh abrasives or chemical should be used.

No. We only use quality, purpose made window tinting films, from established major manufacturers. All our films carry a manufacturers warranty, and our own fitting warranty.


To comply with current legislation, we are only able to fit an ultra-light tint (70%) to the front door windows to keep you and ourselves legal. Both you as the driver of the vehicle and us as the supplier/fitter of the tint could be fined and/or prosecuted if found with non compliant front windows. Your insurance could also be rendered void – so we won’t anything darker!

Yes, however the film is designed not to come off easily and uses high quality adhesives to ensure a strong bond to the glass. It is best removed by a professional with the correct equipment and technique so as not to leave adhesive residue behind, or damage any heating elements on rear windows.

No. Whilst you are best to leave it a few days before using the heated rear screen de-mister, fitting a tint will not stop it from working or affect its performance.

No. If you know you want your vehicle tinted but are not sure of which tint shade, you are welcome to make a booking & decide when you drop the vehicle off. We have usually got a range of vehicles with different window tinting film on them to help you select the right shade for you & your vehicle.


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Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions How Is It Done? A purpose made window tint film is fitted to the inside of the pane of glass.

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