Window Tints For Increased Security

Benefits Of Window Tinting For Increased Security

Window Tint For Increased Safety
Tint Your Car, Van Or Camper For Increased Safety & Security

Why Window Tints Offer Security And Safety

It’s a great feeling having peace of mind when you want to keep valuable items in your car or van. From work tools to golf clubs and everything in between, there’s an opportunist thief lurking round every corner prying their next victims – are you one of them?

Throughout our window tinting career, we’ve carried out Ace tints on a range of vehicle types, for a wide variety of people and their particular needs. One that gets regularly mentioned is that their window tints are for increased safety.

Window Tinting Security Scenarios

1: Protect Your Work Tools & Equipment

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If you’re out on the road regularly driving to your customers homes, or to new areas you’ve never been before, you sometimes have to leave your car or van in areas you’d normally be wary of. Depending on how much equipment you need, there’s always a risk you need to leave some equipment behind if it’s not needed.

We’ve heard many horror stories throughout our window tinting career where customers have left their tools in their van, sometimes no longer than an hour, then come back to find a smashed window & all equipment stolen. Resulting in loss of work without tools, and a fee to repair their window.

And a lot of the time, the thieves get away with it too.

This is where window tints for increased safety help. By removing visibility into your vehicle you’re increasing the risk level for a potential thief, and obstructing their view of a potential reward.

We window tint many vehicles for this purpose, and whilst we can’t measure how much it’s actually saved tradesman & mobile workers in damages, we always get told how essential it is to have it tinted when they upgrade vehicles.

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2: Keep Your Families Valuables Safe

Toyota Land Cruiser Window Tinting Review

It’s not rare that sometimes you might have your golf clubs, laptop, shopping and other expensive & valuable items kept in your boot. You could be visiting friends or family, or going to a new city you’ve never been before.

For families it could be that your children have got headrest TV’s or iPads, tablets, mobile phones etc. Then one mistake where it was on show was a pay day for the peeping Tom.

It’s never been easier for thieves to look into your car and eye-up what’s inside. Either doing it then and there, or returning later. 

Day and night, they don’t care who’s about. Leaving little evidence for them to be caught, and for you to get your valuable items back.

When you get window tints installed by Ace, not only will you get top of the range looks & style, but also confidence that no matter where you are, your valuables remain out of eye sight from peeping Toms. Saving you from forking out £££ to replace your items, replace the window, then a major headache!

Find out how little it costs to keep your valuables protected here.

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Which Shades We Recommend For Increased Safety

If your main objective is to keep your valuables safe, then our Limo Black 5% if the best choice for you. This is the darkest window tinting shade we offer, which only allows 5% of VLT – Visual Light Transmission into the vehicle. You can Learn More about Limo Black 5% here

Whilst it’s not as dark as our Limo Black option, Dark Smoke 20% tinting film is often a popular choice suited to family vehicles.

This film resembles the manufacturers factory finish tinting option people can add when purchasing a new car. As mentioned it’s not as dark as limo, but still provides great security & looks top of the range.

Window Tinting For Safety - Passenger Safety

Passenger Safety

If you’re like us, then this next one might actually shock you. By installing window tints on your vehicle you can actually protect passengers in the physical sense. Once the tinting film is applied to the inside of the vehicle, in the unfortunate circumstances of the glass shattering the film will hold the glass in one place.

If a vehicle has not been tinted, then if a glass was to be shattered it would normally be tempered, meaning that the remaining shards of glass could injure passengers. Shattering on impact.

If you were considering window tinting but were not interested in the darker shades, then a lighter film such as Light Smoke or Medium Smoke may suit your requirements best. Providing the added benefit of security, and very similar to clear film.

Window Tinting For Safety Car Window Smashing

Light Smoke (5%) Window Tints Examples

Light Smoke 5%

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