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Tinted Lights

Tinted rear lights dramatically change the look of your tail lights.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with smoked rear lights, without the costs and hassle of expensive replacement tinted rear lights, then we have the answer.

We have a ‘honeycombe’ effect adhesive light tinting film which we can apply over rear light clusters, side repeaters, and fog lights.

This totally transforms the look of your rear end, with a smoked tail light look, but can be quickly and easily reverted back to standard if required.

The light tinting film still allows the original colour of the bulbs to clearly show through, ensuring that they are effective and legal.

This means you won’t be in trouble with the boys in blue, or have any worries when it comes to MOT time with these UK legal light tints!

Tinted Headlights Peugeot Shrewsbury
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See The Difference Tinted Headlights And Taillights Make

Tinting your cars headlights or taillights can be a great addition if you want to make your car look one of one.

Our quality tinting headlight and taillight film is durable, high quality, and built to last. 

Examples Of Tinted Lights

Benefits Of Fitting Car Light Tinting Film

So the benefits of smoked rear lights are clear (or should we say tinted!)

With prices for a pair of rear lights tinted with our film costing just £72 all inclusive in most cases, it’s a very cost effective way to add a new look to your car, van or camper.

To book your vehicle in for tinted lights, just call us on 01743466111 and speak to one of the team.

To find out more, just call us or pop in to see us. You can find where we are by clicking here.

Light Tinting For All Vehicle Makes & Models

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Transform The Looks Of Your Car With Tinted Lights

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