Light Smoke Tint

Light Smoke Window Tints

Light Smoke are the lightest shade of all window tints we supply here at Ace, and are a very very subtle look, hardly changing the appearance of the vehicle at all from standard. 

However Light Smoke tint film still offers other benefits over and above a non tinted vehicle.

Light Smoke Tints - Lets In 70% Light

Benefits Of Light Smoke Tint

Drawbacks Of Light Smoke Tint

Light smoke doesn’t have many drawbacks, and is an excellent window tinting film choice for a more subtle look, but still with great benefits.

Window Tinting Shades

Technical Specification - Light Smoke Tint

Is A Light Smoke Tint Right For YOU? Things To Consider

When you are deciding on which window tint film to have installed in your vehicle, there are a few things you should consider.

The colour of the vehicle’s interior and exterior will have an impact on your choice of window film.

How important visibility into the vehicle versus visibility out of the vehicle is. The backup and warranty you require for peace of mind for the future.

If you want any further help or advice with any of these questions, we’d be delighted to help.

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