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Benefits Of Window Tinting For Style & Looks

Enhanced Style & Looks

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Ok, so you’ve got a really great looking car. It looks fantastic and is the envy of all those who look it, but then the inevetiable happens. The manufacturer releases the dreaded ‘top of the range’ model with privacy glass, and now guess who’s got one, your neighbour!

Making your vehicle look “top of the range” shouldn’t be expensive, and should give you the same enhanced style & looks that the manufacturers provide with their latest top specification models. 

Well fear no more. Here at Ace Tinting we’ve been giving customers that top of the range look & feel for over 10 years, keeping customers coming back for more as they upgrade their cars, or recommending friends and family. 

With a range of tinting shades, and various grades of tinting, starting with our most basic 3 Year Warranty to our 5* Optimum+ service which gives you the ultimate Top Of The Range looks.

Why Choose Ace Window Tinting For Style & Looks

Adding Ace Tints will instantly give your vehicle the most up-to-date looks, whilst making it stand out. And unlike the factory tints released from the manufacturers, you get to pick what shades of tint you’d like your vehicle to have. 

Our most popular Dark Smoke 20% has a very similar finish to the ones applied from the factory, and when tinted with the front windows in our legal 70% tinting film- it can give off a different sheen.

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Depending on your preferences, you can even pick different shades

Depending on what kind of look, or protection, you’re aiming to achieve from tinting your vehicle- you can pick various shades for different windows.

We often get asked from our customers to apply our darkest Limo Black (5%) tint to the windows situated at the rear of the vehicle, then apply our Dark Smoke 20% to the windows immediately behind the B-Pillar (behind the front windows).

So if your car didn’t come with factory tinted windows and you’d like to transform the style & looks of your vehicle with Ace Tinting’s affordable & professional tints.

Head over to our get a quote page, fill out some small details and one of the team will send you a quote as soon as they possibly can.

We’ll get it looking like a million dollars in less than a day, with complimentary courtesy cars with our Optimum+ package & spread payments- we’ll do our best to make it as convienent as we possibly can for you.

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Window Tinting Top Of The Range Reviews

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