Window Tinting Benefits

Read below and we’ll give you insight into the Obvious Benefits of window tinting, and the Less Obvious Benefits (you might be surprised!)

The Window Tinting Benefits

There are plenty window tinting benefits which are of course visible when you first see the vehicle (top of the range looks etc).

But have you ever thought about the less obvious benefits… and the difference window tinting can actually make? Such as reducing the temperature inside of the cabbin so you can save £££’s?!

Each shade that we stock here also include specific benefits too, depending on how dark you decide to go or how light. So be sure to check out which shades are right for you.

The Obvious Window Tinting Benefits

✅ Enhanced Style And Appearance

Window tinting can give your vehicle that ‘top of the range’ that many people go for. A lot of manufacturers release the top of the range model with privacy glass options at extra £££.

Adding Ace Tints will instantly give your vehicle the most up-to-date looks. Unlike factory tints, you get to choose which shade of tint you have, and can even choose different tints for different panes of glass.

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✅ Improved Privacy And Security

Depending on the darkness of the tint, our window tinting can significantly remove visibility into your vehicle.

Our two most popular tints Limo Black (5%) & Dark Smoke (20%) provide great privacy and security. Meaning you can safely stow away your valuables, work equipment & young passengers.

Range Rover Large 4x4 Example 1

✅ Less glare & cooler cabin temperatures

With our high quality window tinting films, we can dramatically reduce the amount of glare transmitted into the cabin area of your vehicle, which will cool the inside on those warm summer days.

All of our tinting films we install here have excellent UV & Solar rejection qualities

Fiat Doblo Limo Black Window Tint min

Window Tints For Privacy

✅ Increased Safety

A window tinting benefit you never though of… with a film being applied to the glass, it will now be harder to break and will also hold more glass in place if it was to be smashed. 

✅ Virtually Eliminates Transmission of UV Rays

With cooler temperatures inside the vehicle, it means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to keep passengers cool whilst warm weather – saving you more £££!

✅ Lower Running Costs

With cooler temperatures inside the vehicle, it means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard on them very sunny days – saving you £££ in the long run!

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