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This Mini Cooper S owner came in looking to enhance his cars image and what better way, with a rear window tint it changes the look on the outside and inside of the vehicle.

The customer choice a limo tint as it has small windows and wanted to make it look darker on the inside and to blend in with the colour of the cars paint which is black.

We got the car booked in and can normally tint the 3 rear windows within half a day with drying time and finishing off.

Limo Black window tint (as the name suggests) is the darkest of the range of tints we stock here at Ace Car Care. It has many benefits but those benefits also result in some drawbacks, or at least other features you should consider before selecting this shade of window tinting film.


  • Reduces visibility into the vehicle dramatically resulting in excellent security of items stored inside (eg tools, electrical goods, etc)
  • Glare is significantly minizised, ideal if TV screens are installed to improve viewing
  • Interior temperatures are greatly lowered with superb heat rejection
  • UV rejection is 99% resulting in a massive reduction of these potentially harmful rays which affect skin & interior trim materials (eg leather, vinyl, etc)
  • Very striking appearance, resulting in a limo style looks

Do you fancy having your windows tinted to enhance the vehicles image then click HERE for your free no obligation quote.


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Emily Morris
Emily Morris
Mercedes A-Class
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Can't Recommend Enough! Excellent Service​. Had my car rear windows tinted yesterday at ACE Car Care Shrewsbury with a limo 5% tint. I Will be returning for futher work very soon!
Liam Hawkins
Liam Hawkins
Land Rover Discovery
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Good Quote, Brilliant Over All Job On The Day​. Fantastic Job done by the team at Ace Car Care ! Not the first car I’ve brought in to have done and every time they’ve been great. can’t recommend the them enough 👍
Laura Plester
Laura Plester
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Fantastic Job Of My Back Window Tints​. Would highly reccomend and will be using again in the future. They were really helpful from the start explaining the different shades and grades of tint. Really friendly. Thank you. A***

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